Thursday, 7 January 2010

Young guns!

In the front line we work hard for the Labour cause, collecting signatures on a freezing Monday night in Ipswich. then all our good work seems to be wasted when the likes of Hoon and Hewitt come up with an attempted coup, or as Gordon called it - 'a storm in a tea cup'.
But do not despair, the Labour Party has some fantastic young activists- Ellie Gellard, better known as BevaniteEllie, who is a fantastic campaigner and also a great example to younger members. you can follow her on twitter here or read her blog, The Stilettoed Socialist
Closer to home, we have young candidate in Suffolk Coastal, Adam Leeder, as of yet he does not know his opponent with the sudden departure of Jon Gummer. You can follow Adam on twitter here, and have a look at his blog here.

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