Friday, 29 January 2010

Tories up to date blog???

The Tories do not make much effort to keep the Ipswich Public informed, well not exactly true as they are starting a blog! Well they told us in September 2008 they were - their website today tells us it is a work in progress!
Maybe they know the public do not want to hear about the Tories closing the local area Housing Offices and now selling the Ipswich Bus Company , maybe it is best to keep stum

So here it is the September 2008 blog (and how it still looks today -29th January 2010) - remember a work in progress!!

Ipswich Conservatives Blog

This is the Ipswich Conservatives' blog where you will find comments and thoughts from your local Councillors on the issues affecting your community and our town.

The comments on this blog are those of the individual Councillor and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Conservative Party in Ipswich.

Monday, 08 September, 2008
Work in progress - please check back soon


Ipswich Labour Party said...

Having sat opposite them at Council on Wednesday, its not too hard to believe they haven't had a thought since September 2008!

Ashley Giles said...

The Conservative Party as a whole seem very disconnected from technology, i'm not surprised they can't update a blog every now and again...