Friday, 21 September 2012

Most productive Area Committee meeting so far

Report on North East Area Committee

Last night we had a good attendance at our fifth area committee. The main part of the meeting was taken up with the committee having to make decisions about Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO’s) for North East Ipswich.

May not sound that exciting to many, but did give the opportunity for residents to see councillors making decision that will affect residents rather than just sit and discuss policy.

In Rushmere we had two TRO’s that needed to be debated and in both cases after the views of both residents and local campaigner, Sandra Gage were heard the councillors decided to alter the recommendations made by Officers. This was significant as it highlighted to residents that their views would not only be considered but that their views would be acted on.

A further TRO in St Johns Ward was passed, this TRO came around after residents got together and lobbied local councillors –a gain indication that Area Committees really can put power back in the hands of local residents. This will be even more evident next year when we hope to see work carried out by the council to improve safety in the Orwell/Pearce Road area (just off Foxhall Road) a final consultation will take place with residents within the next 3 weeks then a report will come back to the area committee. This process was started after residents came to one of our first area committees to share with us their concerns about road safety.

If the consultation supports the views of residents and officers we should see the committee approve road safety measures in the Orwell Road area and this will be seen as an outstanding success of the area committee system – giving residents the opportunity to share concerns and then work with local councillors and officers to get a result that will help improve the area we live in.

Next week (26th September) we have our first ‘Ageing Well’ event – this worthwhile event is being promoted by the North East Area Committee. This is a free event aimed at our residents who are over 60 years of age or who have retired. It will take place on Wednesday 26th at St John’s Church, Cauldwell Hall Rd – timings are 10am – 1.30pm
To book a place phone: 01473 432102

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