Sunday, 30 September 2012

My week ahead, 1 - 7 October 2012

Monday 1 October 1pm – Ipswich Angle, Editorial meeting
6pm – Campaigning in Central Ipswich

Tuesday 2 October – Finance meetings at Sidegate Primary School

Wednesday 3 October 6pm – Culture and Leisure working Group

Friday 5 October 10am – Launch of ‘No cold call’ zone in Roxburgh Rd, Ipswich

Saturday 6 October 10.30am – Campaigning in North Ipswich

Seems to be as almost as many meeting this week as there were last week! The highlight of last week was Full Council and I was privileged to be able to second the proposal that will see Ipswich Borough Council, join Suffolk County and our neighbouring districts in signing the Community Covenant – this is just another step in Ipswich Borough helping our servicemen, veterans and their families, a subject close to my heart. It was also humbling to receive a round of applause from my fellow councillors and as expected the motion was voted through unanimously.

The meetings saw a debate on a motion put forward by the Tories to thank Mr Gummer and Mr Poulter for their support in getting over £20 million pounds from the government towards transport in Ipswich. Even most Tories would agree that the process for getting the money from government had been started well before the Tories took power. The amended motion by the Labour Group asked for the County Council to consider re-opening the ‘Park and Ride’ on Bury Rd. The Labour amendment was passed. Not sure what the Lib Dems done (as only two turned up) as they seemed to move from abstaining to voting against and then voting for as the night went on.

We also had George Debman indicate in debate that he did not know how much bus fares cost in Ipswich. I put this comment on twitter and have since been attacked by one of Tory bloggers – now I like George and I am sure he will be the Culture working group on Wednesday – as unlike many Tories he does turn up for meetings, but the point is as Tory Transport spokesman – he should have a basic idea how much it cost to get to town on a bus (and it is not £6 to £7). Now the Tories were also against me tweeting at meetings, if I was a Tory blogger I would be more concerned about their inability to get an up-to-date twitter feed and that at many meetings they can’t even get a Tory Cllr to turn up!

We also had two questions about wind turbines being built to the south west of the town, it was a pity that Cllr Cenci missed the meeting as she would have been reminded that when she was an executive member she had supported the proposal to build the turbines and then agreed for officers to sign a lease to get the turbines up as soon as possible. Now in opposition and also possibly being able to see the turbine from her house she seems to be against the proposal – what made her change her mind? Was it the ‘Stop the turbines’ leaflet that seems to just focus on the point that the erection of the turbine will see house prices drop! Sounds a bit NIMBY to me.

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Anonymous said...

I went to the SIT meeting today, and I'm now really concerned by these proposals Alasdair. For me this isn't an issue about house prices - because I rent. No, this is an issue of my health. There are three types of noise coming from turbines - that from the gears and other moving parts, noise from the blades passing the tower, and a low frequency whine that is like the white noise used in torture by certain countries.

The Tories and Lib Dems may have set this train in motion, but you can't duck responsibility for this - you are the administration now. You have the power to change the decision. You should do so.