Sunday, 21 October 2012

My week ahead 22 - 28 October 2012

Monday 22 October 4pm - Culture portfolio meeting
6pm - Labour campaigning

Thursday 25 October 6pm - Scrutiny meeting, Grafton House

This week we continue to listen to the Ipswich Tories confuse the residents with their version of events on the building of Wind Turbines outside Ipswich. A Tory campaigner and former council candidate even accused me of telling lies in yet again another nasty blog post. It is disappointing that Ben Gummer and the Ipswich Tory Group seem to feel it is OK for one of their past (and probably future) candidates can continue to accuse me of telling lies and also to resort to name calling. sorry to dissapoint you Kevin, I have faced far more formidable opponents in West Belfast, Crossmaglen and Sangin. Do your worst.

Far more pleasing for myself it to see youngsters in Ipswich wanting their voices to be heard, I was invited to speak to a politics class at Copleston School this week and then today I attended an event organised by the Speakers Corners Trust – held on the Town Hall steps, in pouring rain but it did not stop the passion being shown by pupils from Copleston, Westbourne and Stoke High Schools. We are sure this will become a regular event.


IS/BR said...

We still don't know where the Labour group stand though Alasdair. All we hear from Labour is "we can't get out of it because of the nasty Tories who signed up to it."

Fine, but do you even WANT to get out of it? Have you sought counsel's opinion on whether the lease can be broken without penalty clauses?

Blaming everyone else might save you a few votes in May, but isn't leadership. If, as I suspect, you DO want these built, why don't you come out and say so? Why don't you tell us what Labour really think?

You say the public are bored of the Tories blaming Labour for the state of the economy. I think you're right, they're getting bored of it. But Labour blaming the Tories for a policy that we suspect Labour totally approve of is a little boring as well.

Why don't you tell us what you really think?

Alasdair Ross said...

Even though the planning application will go to another council - IBC PLanning committee will be asked their views -- as a sunbstitute on planning I have to take care on what I say about this individual case.

But in principle I am pro wind turbines.

The Tories do not have a Group opinion - only heard from Cllr Cenci plus two activists!

The lease is being looked at and studied and it does seem that we would have to pay a large penalty if we broke the deal.

Which Cllr checked the lease? Seems they let an officer do it with no checks- sorry I can't believe Cllr Carnall did not know exactly the financial details of the deal. Both the income stream, from the land rent and the penalty if the deal did not go through.