Wednesday, 10 October 2012

So we are mediocre

Ben Gummer has got himself into a pickle by stating many Councils consist of "self-governing oligarchies of mediocre people".

Now Mr Gummer is stating on twitter that the BBC have misquoted him and Ipswich Spy seem to believe him and have written a defence of him. The BBC themselves have no changed their headline here.

But when you read the quotes from Ben, it does not make good reading – so has he is a very junior MP, the only councillors he would know are those from Ipswich (or possibly from Suffolk Coastal) and I would say the only councillors he really knows are his own Ipswich Tory councillors – so are they mediocre Ben?

But to be fair to the Ipswich Tories it is us – Ipswich Labour he was having a go at – with this quote – his description of Labour run Ipswich Borough Council - as all too often "getting in people's way" and "frustrating ambition."

Then he comes up with his real Tory idea- businesses should have their own elected councillors! Seems to me that this is a step back to the 19th century rather than improving democracy.

Gummer then informs the meeting that some councillors can’t understand balance sheets – well I’m learning Mr Gummer as I try and make the budget work at Sidegate Primary School whilst your Government cuts how much we get to spend on education our children.

I’m not a businessman, Mr Gummer but I work hard at understanding balance sheets and business – guess bankers understand them – but would you trust them?

I do understand how soldiers work, what it is like to be shot at and mortared, not sure Mr Hammond the Defence Secretary does- so Mr Gummer- should he step down? Of course not, it does not have to be an ex-soldier to be secretary of State for Defence- and glad about that as we could end up with Tory MP Bob Stewart in charge of the army- totally out of touch when he was a soldier (at least Labour are recruiting soldiers in touch with what the army does – Dan Jarvis)

Closer to home on top of the Ipswich Spy defence, Tory activist Kevin Algar agrees with Ben and puts in a nasty attack on Labour Councillors, probably not realising that Ben may have been on about the Ipswich Tory councillors.

Further afield, Ben has upset Tory Councillors and was publicly criticised on twitter by Tory Councillors and activists from Leicestershire and Warwickshire. With the Tory Councillor from Warwick giving Ben some advice: Can I suggest Ben Gummer MP (2010) needs look beyond London & Ipswich & review his comments about Cllrs..Dont make enemies of you workers ‘

The 2010 inserted into the tweet indicates to me that not impressed by such a junior MP giving advice to councillors who may have worked for residents for years. Another Tory is not impressed by Ben’s excuse that he was misquoted- he wonders what he expected the BBC to write.

Ben does state that Swindon is a good council- maybe we can arrange a lift there for him – in 2015?

Not sure Mr Gummer’s speech will help the residents of Ipswich, maybe if he had told them his views on wind turbines that may have been more beneficial.

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