Sunday, 23 December 2012

Supprt Ipswich Labour's campaign to re-open Rope Walk

Suffolk County Council wants to stop rat running through Kings Avenue, Oxford Road and Milner Street by installing speed bumps, Ipswich Labour thinks this doesn’t go far enough.

Your North East Ipswich Labour team is calling for Rope Walk to be re-opened to traffic bound for the town centre, that’s the only way to stop rat running and put a stop to St Helen’s Street traffic jams.

It’s time for the Tory-run Suffolk County council to admit they were wrong to shut Rope Walk to inbound traffic and end the farce of traffic jams along St Helen’s Street.
We surveyed residents in the past on the last Tory bright idea to make St Helen’s Street one way. We want to hear what North East Ipswich residents think so we can let the County Council know.

We think Rope Walk could be used to relieve the intolerable congestion in St Helen’s Street.

But what do you think? Should Suffolk County Council:

a) Open Rope Walk to ALL traffic and close Milner Street to traffic to stop it being used as a rat run.

b) Open Rope Walk to BUSES ONLY so that the bus lane between Rope Walk and St Helen’s Street could be closed – making it a two-lane road for cars.

c) Leave things as they are so that Rope Walk is only open for cyclists and cars using the car parks in Rope Walk.

Please let us know what you think. Please send in your thoughts to Ipswich Labour.

33 Silent Street,

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