Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Proud to be named as Veterans Champion

Labour yesterday launched a campaign to urge Local Authorities to have Veterans Champions, a dedicated person at each council to help service-leavers resettle in to civilian life.

I am proud to have been chosen to be the Veterans Champion in Ipswich.

At the campaign launch yesterday, Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, who I have met through my involvement in Labour Friends of the Forces. stated:

“Our country is brilliant at turning civilians into soldiers, but we are not good enough when the time comes to turning soldiers back into civilians.

“Transition from military to civilian life can be difficult and distressing. A one-stop-shop for access to services and entitlements would make an enormous difference.

“A Veterans Champion would help those who have performed heroics overseas find a new home or job back home.

“Each council could take this step in a way that best serves local needs. We want to strengthen the bond between civilian and military communities, making the Military Covenant a reality for everyone.”

I know there are specific issues that face armed services personnel moving back into civilian life. They often have been living in services accommodation, and need to find housing. There are issues with schools, social services – the aim is that there should be someone who can be a focus for their issues and can help them when needed.”

Veterans or armed services personnel can contact me via Ipswich Borough Council, Ipswich Labour Party or email: alasdair.ross@councillors.ipswich.gov.uk

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