Sunday, 24 February 2013

Did look and brain was engaged

My post about Mr Gummer and his out of date website drew some criticism from both a Tory councillor and a Tory activist. Cllr Cenci suggested that I – ‘look, check, engage brain ‘

Cllr Cenci then went onto explain that the website did not have up to date data on casework as all records are erased on January 1st.

I explained that this may be the case but no data had been added since February 2012. I also received an email from Mr Gummer’s office and this explained that I had been correct and no casework had been added since February 2012. This was due to the employee who had undertaken that work had left in February and the work would now be done by Mr Gummer’s campaign manager who had not started work till late 2012. I explained to the office that this was understandable but maybe the reason should have been placed on the website. I was told this had not been possible due to the web design. The information should now be updated by the campaign manager (I guess she is paid for by the Conservative Party as the website is not paid for by the taxpayer).

Some may think I was attempting to make a cheap shot at our MP, but I was not – I was just highlighting that an up to date website is a vital tool for the modern MP and that Mr Gummer’s website was failing miserably to do this.

Why Cllr Cenci thought she had to defend Mr Gummer, I do not know and I wonder who gave her the wrong information? I will now look forward to reading an up to date MP website.


Nadia Cenci said...

I can confirm that I was given the wrong information. However I was more concerned that originally you did not appear to have asked Ben Gummer MP why his data was not up to date, hence my comment. You have since stated that you received no answer from Bens office, which I cannot contradict or confirm but I will accept what you say and apologise if that's the case. However having written this up-to-date post, I can advise that you have still failed to check, as the data was updated by Bens office before your new post was written! I also feel that if thats the only thing you can find to ahve a go at our MP, then he's doing a pretty good job for Ipswich.

Alasdair Ross said...

Maybe Nadia you should not believe what you read in Ipswich Spy - I did know Mr Gummer had now put one bit of casework on his site- strange it happens after my first post! But the site is still way out of date unless it was January 2012 the last time Mr Gummer spoke at Westminster?
So I did check- but will not expect an apology

Anonymous said...

Nadia Cenci comments re Grenfall fire are disgusting. 50% attendance at Council meetings - none at the Licensing Committee and she shows only £200 for her trip, hotel, etc to Arras, what a joke you could not travel to London for that, what are the true figures?

Aiden Macfarlane