Sunday, 24 February 2013

My week ahead 25 February - 2 March 2013

Monday 25 February, 4pm – Culture portfolio meeting
6pm – Labour Group meeting

Wednesday 27 February, 6pm – Ipswich Borough Full Council meeting

Thursday 28 February, 5pm – North East Ipswich Area committee, agenda setting meeting

Saturday 2 March, 10.30am – Labour campaigning in East Ipswich

On Wednesday we have Full council where the Council tax rate will be set for 13/14 – expect a very heated debate but we will stick to what we were elected to do – save and protect front line services. The Tories will go on about how the county have not only not raised their part of the council tax but also promised to cap it for the next 4 years. Just a blatant piece of electioneering – how do they even know what central Government is going to grant them next year – let alone in 4 years’ time.

The Tory Police and Crime Commissioner has also frozen the police part of the tax, even though the outgoing Tory run Police Authority proposed a rise – Mr Passmore just decided to spend all the reserves – what is he going to do next year?

Tories may also point to the other district councils in Suffolk who have also frozen their part of the tax, but many of those same Tory councillors have agreed to raise the Parish council part of the tax – and of course we have no Parish councils in Ipswich to use in this way.

How each party gets the message over after Wednesday may help decide the election fortunes of the three main groups come May.

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