Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Labour - one day to go in Eastleigh

A great example why we campaign hard for the Labour Party - because it is about improving our community- the 'one nation' party


Ben Redsell said...

Less than 10% of the vote? What does this mean for other Labour campaigns in the South and East of England?

Alasdair Ross said...

Not a great night for this country- currently listening to Radio 5- UKIP supporters just sound like posh BNP- a wake up call for all in politics. They will attract very nasty people.
Not a great result for Labour, Lib Dem or Tories - but of the 3 - Tories have the biggest problem- who will be the first Ipswich or Suffolk Tory to jump ship- Gavin?, Norfolk may see a number of County Cllrs jump to try and save their seats
And UKIP- Farrage should have stood- but never had the bottle- he would have won and Cameron would be facing a leadership battle within months.