Friday, 1 February 2013

Education in Suffolk is a mess – says who?

The Tory run Suffolk County Council is being accused of letting the children of the county down. Graham Newman the Tory Cabinet member is being left on his own to carry the can – Bee, Noble and Terry and other Tory Cabinet members have been silent ever since a second set of poor results were released.

But before Tory bloggers – shout – ‘You would say that’ – here are other comments about the Tory run County Council:

“Do I think SOR has been well handled? No I do not.”

“Register your protest – you have the Council County elections in
May. “He continued: “The concerns you’ve raised are impressive, and I’ve had my eyes opened. It is a mess.”

"If you’re saying that they [SCC] made a dumb decision and it’s ended in a plane crash, then yes, I will say that. In the last ten days we have seen disastrous performance. This is a great county with great kids and teachers. Why a county like this is a tail end Charlie is a scandal.”

“I will be seeing Mr Newman and he has to make himself accountable.”

Who made all these comments? Was it some left wing teacher or a Labour politician? – No – these comments were made last week by a Suffolk Tory MP, Mr Ruffley MP

But maybe the best comments have been made by parents, and have included: “Graham Newman and his cabinet colleagues do not listen.”

And what did the HM Chief Inspector for Schools say in 2001 when Labour run the County?

‘Suffolk is an outstanding local education authority, with many strengths. Under the excellent leadership of officers and members, the LEA is clearly focused on continuous improvement and is a credit to the community it serves.’

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