Thursday, 14 November 2013

Get the facts right - Allotments and Ransomes

On Tuesday we held our latest North East Area Committee, and though a smaller audience than we have had recently, there was still a good debate between residents and councillors about local issues. We also heard good news about the printing and distribution of the 'Woodbridge Road' traders map and we were informed of the competition date of the improvements to one of our local parks.

We also had in the audience, a couple of local Tory activists but if you read the report on the meeting written by one of them, you would not have been made aware of the issues mentioned above.

Instead in his report here, he concentrates on the draft allotment strategy with a significant inaccuracy!

Allotments in Ipswich are a story of success with 98% of plots being cultivated and a very high level of satisfaction, the new strategy seeks ti improve on the good work that was started with the 2005 strategy. When talking about the document I indicated that North East Tory, Judy Terry had been heavily involved in the 2005 piece of work (I was complimenting her) but Tory activist Kevin, decided to write his own inaccurate version of events .He wrote:

What the allotment strategy is, is the work done by conservative Councillor for Rushmere, Judy Terry in 2003 with a new date on it to make it look like this current administration are actually doing something. At the North East Area Committee, Rushmere Councillor for Labour, Alasdair Ross acknowledged that the strategy was the work of Councillor Terry.

The Tory activist must have enjoyed the meeting so much that he wrote a second report here, and then went to the South West Area Committee the following day and wrote a report on their meeting! In his second report he makes the mistake of listening to Judy Terry, When I informed residents that Ransomes was now back under the control, Cllr Terry muttered loudly that there was no budget to improve Ransomes.

Kevin decided to write:

The subject of Ransomes Sports Club came up where certain councillors attempted to score political points from the issue with little success. Councillor Terry’s statement about there not being a budget for Labour’s plans being the only good point.

Both Cllr Terry and Kevin Algar must feel stupid after reading the press release issued by Ipswich Borough Council today. It shows we are spending money on the site and that we also have the support of the sports teams using the club, as one footballer commented on another blog, the place had been unsafe for at least 10 years!
As I have always stated, we are determined to make Ransomes a success and it is only the Tories who have ever mentioned building houses on the site, the same Tories who also wanted to knock down the pre-fabs and build a care home!

This is what Ipswich Borough Council said:

New facilities for clubs at Ransomes sports ground are on their way, Ipswich Borough Council pledged today.

The announcement came as safety experts discovered that the electrics in the old club house were unsafe.

The discovery means that temporary changing rooms will be put in place before Christmas and alternative changing facilities found before then. The site will remain available for matches throughout the period of changes to the changing facilities and other repair work.

The Council remains committed to improving Ransomes for a variety of sports and stressed that since it had taken over the running of the facility on 1st November improvements to the site can start. The Council has now completed safety and structural surveys which showed the dangerous state of the electrics.

Councillor Bryony Rudkin, portfolio-holder, said: "We now know the extent of the problems with the building and can take immediate action. Safety remains our top priority but I want to repeat our determination to improve the site and widen its attraction for a number of sports "

Ransomes Sports Football Club Chairman Alan McDougall agreed. He said: "This is disappointing news but the issues with the building have to be addressed and the safety of the club's users has to be paramount. We are committed to working with the Council to secure the future of the Sports & Social Club and its facilities as the home of the Football Club. It is a challenging time but I am confident we can come out the other side in good shape and with improved and sustainable facilities."


Ben Redsell said...

So when you want to criticise Ipswich Spy for so called bias you link to us, but when you want to quote from our comments, you don't even acknowledge WHICH blog you are quoting from?

Alasdair Ross said...

Apologies the comment was from a post on Ipswich Spy,