Saturday, 14 March 2015

My week ahead, 16 - 22 March 2015

Monday 16 March, 6pm – Labour Group campaigning

Wednesday 18 March, 2pm - Visit to Holywells Park

Thursday 19 March, 7pm – New Wolsey – to see ‘United We Stand’

Saturday 21 March, 10am – Labour Campaigning – SW Ipswich

Sunday 22 March, 11am – Labour Campaigning – NE Ipswich

Another good days campaigning just finished with support coming from London as part of their #Lab3seats challenge. Good response on the doorstep but there is also certainly a Green and UKIP vote out there but not many seem keen to support the Tories and Ben Gummer. But you do find the odd Tory but almost impossible to find a Lib Dem anywhere in the town beyond St Margaret’s/ But as we had another meeting this week where the Lib Dems failed to turn up, you do wonder why they bother to stand all all.

Thursday will give us a break from campaigning as we go to the New Wolsey to see a play about industrial action from the early 70’s – it does remind us how anti union and anti the working class the Tories can get when they have got their feet under the table – even more reason to get rid of Cameron (and Gummer) in May!

We have had the final council meeting of the year cancelled, so we may now never get the apology that is due from Tory Cllr Stroet for the false statements he made at the last Full Council meeting. Then again the Tory leader showed how hypocritical the Tories are when she accused us of bad behavior and asked residents to look at a video on 'You tube' the same video that showed her applauding Cllr Stroet when he decided to make his false statements and partake in childish name calling!

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