Sunday, 28 February 2016

My week ahead, 29 February - 5 March 2016

Monday 29 February – 4pm – Culture Portfolio meeting
6pm, Labour Group campaigning

Tuesday 1 March – 6pm, Ipswich Borough Audit committee

Saturday 5 March – 10am, Labour campaigning in North West Ipswich

Yesterday was spent campaigning as almost every Saturday morning of the year is, and this Saturday was also meant to be a national Labour Party campaign day – concentrating on the #StrongerIn campaign.

In Ipswich we have local elections in May and though I had decided to vote to remain in the EU, I was not planning to spend every Saturday in May and June campaigning on this issue. That feeling has now changed as I believe the vote on our membership of the EU will be one of the most important decisions we ever take. More importantly it will be a descision that will have the most consequences for our younger residents – the ones the Tory Party have decided can’t vote in June.

I am proud the Labour Party had decided to back our continued membership of the EU, now some will not agree and that is democracy but at least the majority of members, elected councillors and MPs agree we should stay in.

We know the Tory Party are split on the decision and we see that in Ipswich but it does not mean all is well in the Labour movement. Jeremy Corbyn has backed the #StrongerIn campaign but he does not seem to be throwing himself into the debate whilst the Shadow Chancellor (one of the busiest Shadow Cabinet members) seems to be totally silent on the issue – why? Maybe John wishes to remain on side with those from the Far left who have more in common with UKIP and the Far right of the Tory Party when it comes to Europe , some who think Jeremy has betrayed them by supporting the 'Stronger In' campaign. .

So when we had our national campaign day yesterday where was our leader? Speaking at a CND rally in London. Now for many getting rid of Trident is an important issue and i respect Jeremy for his strongly held views on the subject but maybe he should have used his influence in the CND not to have the events clash.

Future of Trident is important but so is our future in Europe – we can help decided if we stay in EU, we have little influence on the future of Trident – and the main point some seem to have not grasped- to have a real say on the future of Trident – we need to be in Government! That should be our focus after the EU debate not campaigning on issues that actually make it harder us for to get in a position where we can then help shape our future defence policy.

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