Friday, 22 April 2016

North East Ipswich Labour team - standing up for local schools

Labour for education

The failings of Tory education policy

  • Local primary and secondary schools all oversubscribed
  • Tory Suffolk looking for a school site in town centre!
  • Tory Government forcing schools to become Academies – removing parent governors
  • Tory Government create chaos to the secondary exam system in confusing transition to new A level and GCSE qualifications
  • Tory Government introduce highly criticised primary curriculum
  • Teacher morale dangerously low with strikes now threatened
  • Teacher recruitment targets missed and shortages rise

Tory cuts

  • Possible closure of specialist centre at Sidegate
  • Pupil Referral Units to be amalgamated or closed?
  • Sixth form college funding reduced

Labour councillors support local schools

  • Northgate electric car project
  • Community Garden project at Copleston and Britannia
  • Lapwing Education for complex needs children

  • Labour run Ipswich increased parking officers at schools to help with safety of pupils

Labour protect services to help families

Despite Government cuts to council funding, Labour run Ipswich is protecting and improving parks, swimming pools, the Regent theatre, sports centres & school holiday programmes.

Labour for families

Labour Councillors will -

  • Fight for new Primary School in NE Ipswich
  • Keep supporting school projects
  • Improve parks, pools & sports centres

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