Friday, 13 April 2007

Campaign update - Friday 13th

Day started with final deliveries in Woodbridge Rd, on my way home spotted my Tory opponent in my own road - delivering her leaflet - for some reason, I never received one!
This evening saw a large group of us hit Rushmere and St Johns ward. It seemed the best canvass yet with plenty of support for our "save the buses campaign", also highlighted was that we had managed to get our message over about the Zebra Crossing in Woodbridge/Rushmere Rd- the people of Rushmere seem to now know that Mrs Terry our Conservative councillor voted against the crossing.
Finished canvassing with Khartoum Rd, I have been trying to sort out a situation with a fence for the local residents- unbelievable that the housing association have fixed the hole by placing a gate there instead.
The night finished in the Golden Key, where a couple of drinks helped brace us for another weeks campaigning.


Anonymous said...

For the first time since buying my own house 8 years ago, this was the first time a candidate of any party in any election has actually appeared on my doorstep and asked what I think! I appreciate your time on Friday evening during your visit to Meadowvale Close. To all candidates - meeting the people is a good idea, try it sometime.

Alasdair Ross said...

Thank you, Jeff- I would like to knock on more door's but each seat has a priority- i am out 5 nights a week canvassing but not every night in rushmere. it was good to meet many residents on friday and as I live in the same part of Rushmere - it was good to see that many of their concerns are also my own.
Alasdair Ross