Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Golden Key - update

Greene King had their latest application to turn the Golden Key pub into a supermarket down. The application was refused at the planning committee at Ipswich Council this morning.

The meeting was not a pleasant experience and at one stage one of the Tory councilors seemed to think I should not be able to represent my residents. Fortunately I was allowed to speak and I highlighted the problems that extra traffic would cause.

I would not be surprised if Greene king appeal, but I will keep campaigning for what residents want.


Anonymous said...

Who was the Tory councillor who wanted to deny an elected representative the right to speak on behalf of the local residents?
If you dont like democracy, then resign and vacate the postion to allow people who DO value democracy to contest the seat.

Paul West said...

Not a pleasant experience! come on Alasdair you loved every minute of it.

Alasdair Ross said...

I will give the Tory Cllr the benefit of the doubt and believe they were just confused about the rules.

They thought as I had spoken about the 'Golden Key' in the past I could not speak (and represent residents) again. But this was a new planning application.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness this was rejected again (for now). I have been following this planning application and also the various local blogs on the subject. It seriously concerns me the way some local bloggers seem to be using this issue (and no doubt many others) to conduct a very personal vendetta against certain councillors. I read today a local blogger trying to claim some people were against economic development and that local councillors shouldn't be allowed to put forward the views of their local residents. I seriously cannot see how 'economic development' can be helped by a proposal which will result in many local businesses being put under threat due to an un-popular and unwanted planning application. I think detractors of those who are trying to put forward valid democratic representation for local residents should be the subject of a bit more scrutiny themselves. I strongly suspect that those most in favour of personal vendettas and preventing democratic representation of local residents views in such matters have rather more skeletons in their closets than they would care to admit to. I think it's exactly the sort of petty partisanship which brings politics into disrepute and decreases confidence in those we hope and expect to represent us locally. Keep up the good work representing us Alasdair.