Sunday, 26 August 2012

We must have a Paralympic Legacy in Suffolk

Today I was able to witness the Paralympic flame arrive in Ipswich, a more intimate event compared to when the Olympic flame arrived in Christchurch Park.

But still inspirational as it also gave people an opportunity to attempt a number of sports – and as the Deputy Mayor found, they are not all easy as his partner beat him easily at the archery!

It also gave councillors the opportunity to speak to parents, families and volunteers who help provide sporting opportunities to those with disabilities.

The government has spoken at length about a sporting legacy to the 2012 Olympics, (not helped by the cuts to funding to local councils – the main provider of sporting facilities) This Wednesday we will see the Paralympics start in London and people will be inspired. We must see that the Sporting Legacy also benefits those who help or compete in disable sports.

I spoke at length to some of those who assist with the Orwell Panthers, an athletics club for the disabled – they do a brilliant job but need more assistance – I hope the Paralympics will inspire firms and businesses to help them. There also needs to be a closer co-operation between all sporting organisations, those for the able bodied and those for the disabled which will lead to a greater sharing of facilities and equipment.

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