Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Fascist group Britain First, use our Armed Forces to promote their right wing views

Today in Ipswich town centre, I witnessed a Far Right Political Group using the cover of support for our Armed Forces to spread their message of hate, collect information and data on residents who were tricked into signing their petition. But worst of all they were even selling badges, with people probably thinking the money will end up with soldiers or an armed forces charity, but it was obvious to me that the money would just end up in the pockets of this nasty right wing group.

The group involved is the Britain First Party, who I believe are a breakaway from the BNP.

You can see how people are fooled into thinking this is a military backed stall

The stall set up was very professional with an expensive banner promoting a campaign to support our troops, but straight away I was suspicious, a large group of Ipswich residents were queuing to sign their petition, the man behind the desk must have thought I wanted to sign and offered me a sheet and pen, but I wanted to know who was behind the petition, when I asked him, he reached under the table and gave me a glossy leaflet, it did have Britain First on the front of the leaflet but most of the leaflet featured pictures of our soldiers and most disgustingly for me a photo of Rifleman from my own Regiment, carrying the coffin of a fallen soldier.

It was not till you got to the back page did you get the real message that this nasty Right Wing group wanted to get over, a message about fighting back and making sure British families do not get treated like second class citizens.

The real political message they are trying to get across

I then informed the man behind the stall that I was an ex soldier and we did not need the support of his sort, he then got quite aggressive and told me to move on as I was now informing Ipswich shoppers they should not sign the petition.

When I was speaking to him it was then that I saw they were selling badges for £5, but no notice to tell us where the money was going to, it became obvious it would end up in their own pockets.

I find it disgusting that this Right Wing group are using the good name of our Armed Forces to both raise money for themselves and also to get their nasty fascist message across, when I then saw they were using the photograph of the coffin of a dead Rifleman from my Regiment to promote their cause, I then felt anger but also a determination to continue to campaign against the likes of the BNP, EDL and Britain First.

They do not represent, Ipswich, Britain and certainly not our Armed Forces, so if you see them in your town centre – do not sign their petition or even give them the time of the day – they are just fascists who want to destroy everything that this country fought for in the last war.


Anonymous said...

So it is alright for you to promote your nasty socialist views and keep mentioning your own service record or so it seems

Alasdair Ross said...

Happy to debate if you leave your name, very proud of my military service, and happy to raise money for forces charity but not use the armed forces to raise money for my political group

John Gray said...

Great post Alasdair. We need to get the message out that these are the same fascists that our Grandparents fought against in the 2nd War World.