Saturday, 29 March 2014

Check your tweets!

I have to put my hand up and say sorry as I never checked carefully a tweet that I had re-tweeted.

I did agree with the words on the tweet but had not checked carefully the picture attached - a simple mistake but one I should not have made.

The tweet was about Ian Duncan Smith, who in an interview said he could live on £53.00 a week but then claimed £39 for just one breakfast! I have no doubt that IDS could live on just £53 a week - but for how long? It is meant to be the money you live on, not just survive.

Now attached to the statement was a picture of IDS, when you first look at the tweet it seems he has a hat on but when you open the picture( which I never), he has been photo shopped into a Nazi uniform. Do I believe IDS is a Nazi? - No, do I think the picture added humour to the tweet? Some may have found it funny,but I never.

So I will endeavour to check carefully in future any tweet, I re-tweet.

Only one person has mentioned the tweet to me - well that is wrong - no one had mentioned it but my 'error' was mentioned in Ipswich Spy. Possibly you may have hoped that he would have mentioned the tweet to me first, but then it may not have made such a great Labour bashing story.

I have removed the re-tweet but not before I received quite a nasty personal attack via twitter from an Ipswich Tory activist! I hope that same Tory is writing to Grant Shapps to ask why Aiden Burley has not had the Tory whip removed or even been thrown out of the Tory Party, but somehow I guess that has not happened.

Lesson to be learnt- check re-tweets as a mistake may lead to Tory tweeters and bloggers using the tweet to attack yourself or Labour.

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