Friday, 21 March 2014

Do the Tories care about Education in Suffolk?

Yesterday the Suffolk County Labour Group had to take the quite drastic action of proposing a motion of “no confidence in the current political leadership of education in Suffolk”

The motion received the backing of 27 members of the council, however was defeated when 39 councillors voting against it. One councillor abstained.

So 39 County Councillors feel there are no problems with education in Suffolk?

But it is not just Tory Councillors who feel able to just ignore the damming Ofsted report into the County education Improvement Service.

In the March edition of the ‘Ipswich Flyer’ , Tory MP for North Ipswich, Dan Poulter had this to say about the failure of the Tories when it comes to education in the county.

Talking about the Ofsted report – Poulter comments – “ In response to this report Suffolk County Council have recognised the need for improvement and has put in place a comprehensive strategy “Raising the Bar” to help improve schools across Suffolk and allow pupils to achieve their potential”

What rubbish – ‘Raising the Bar’ has been in place for at least two years before the Ofsted report and has not been put in place as a response to report, in fact ‘raising the Bar’ did not come out of the report very well, with Ofsted claiming that many teachers had little knowledge of ‘Raising the Bar’ and what it's aims are.

So you can add Education to the pile that includes the NHS of important services that can’t be trusted to the Tories!

And to make it worse- Dan Poulter is a minister!

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