Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Even some Tories have hearts - but!

Yesterday Parliament discussed the impending cuts to Family Tax Credits, and two new Tory MPs gave passionate and well received speeches against the planned cuts by George Osborne - Heidi Allen was praised by many commentators and Labour MPs for her speech and former soldier and now Tory MP, Johnny Mercer spoke against the cuts that will hit 22,000 of his residents in Plymouth.

As a former soldier, I quite like Mr Mercer and have been impressed how he has raised a number of issues in Parliament that at times have been critical of the Government and in particular his work on soldiers with mental health issues. and interesting to read that as a soldier he had no allegiance to any party and when he left the forces he decided to be an MP before he chose the party.

Even closer to home the new MP for South Suffolk spoke against the cuts - but for all their fine words, we must remember this - They still voted with the Government in support of the proposed plan!

In Ipswich there seems to be no Tory opposition to the cuts, Ben Gummer will defend the Government plan no matter how many of his residents will suffer whilst the Tory Group leader Nadia Cenci, does not even believe there is any poverty in the UK, well  most people do and there seems no doubt that there will be even more cases of child poverty once these cuts hit - and who will they hit most? Working families, just weeks after Osborne attempted to market the Tory Party as the true 'workers' party!

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