Thursday, 22 October 2015

Press those apples, food, gardening and education

Today I visited Britannia School in Ipswich as they started an educational project with East Feast . Eastfeast is a team of professional gardeners, artists and teachers that helps schools deliver more effective learning based on working a school allotment through the seasons, culminating in a community feast. 

East Feast have been working with Copleston School for a while and I had witnessed the great work they had done there so was happy to help secure funding from the North East Area Committee so they could start working with local Primary Schools.

The children seemed very keen to start with having an attempt at apple pressing was of the most sought after activities.

I am sure this project will be a success and anything that helps promote healthy eating is going to be very welcome. As we saw today with the comments from David Cameron about ‘sugar tax’ it is important that we have as many facts as possible at hand when we decide what we are going to eat and to give our children to eat. It was just disappointing that it has now become obvious that Cameron did not have the full facts about a ‘sugar tax’ – as he had not even read the report!

Good news is that with the help of East Feast and local schools it will be our children who will be telling their parents what to eat!

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