Sunday, 4 October 2015

My week ahead, 4 - 10 October 2015

Monday 5 October, 6pm – Labour Group campaigning
7pm – Labour Executive

Thursday 8 October, 6pm – Area Committee Chairs meeting

Friday 9 October, 11am – Talk with students at Suffolk New College

Saturday 10 October, 10am – Labour campaigning in North East Ipswich

Busy week ahead and we are all checking our emails to hear what the latest on devolution plans for Suffolk (and Norfolk) with  Suffolk Tory leader, Colin Noble away in Manchester at the Conservative Party conference, it makes you wonder if much of what is being decided is taking place in Manchester rather than in Suffolk, Norfolk or Westminster – would also be interesting to hear what our Tory MPs think about the plans.

This week we will continue to campaign about the proposed family tax credit cuts, even a recent Tory Minister is saying that the plan should be delayed/changed but from what David Cameron spoke about on TV this morning, there seems little hope of him changing his mind, so it will be up to those Tory MPs who know that this latest Tory policy  will hurt many working families to vote with Labour and defeat this disgusting policy/

A Tory candidate in Ipswich has accused me of ‘cyber bullying’ but fails to mention the true facts and the accusation that I was not respecting our armed forces by not singing the national anthem. As the only two councillors in Ipswich to serve in the Armed Forces are both Labour – including myself, not sure they are in any position to lecture me.

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