Sunday, 18 October 2015

My week ahead, 19 - 24 October 2015

Monday 19 October, 4pm – North East Area Committee agenda setting meeting
6pm – Labour Group meeting

Tuesday 20 October, 7pm – North East Ipswich Labour meeting

Wednesday 21 October, 5pm – Culture Portfolio Working Group

Thursday 22 October, 10am – Labour campaigning in Holywells Ward, Ipswich

A number of leading Tories including some ex-ministers are making their concerns heard about the cutting of Family Tax Credits. Not sure many Tories realise how many families receive help through Family Tax Credits, I certainly received it when I first left the army as my new employment saw me take a cut in wages.

What is disappointing that when senior Tories are voicing their concerns about the cuts, the local Ipswich Tories seem very supportive of the cuts to Family Tax Credits – then again their leader Nadia Cenci does not believe there is any poverty in the UK and she also seems to be one of the few politicians who still does not believe in climate change!

We also had some strange comments from senior Ipswich Tories about the latest planning application for Chantry Vale  - hypocrites  and NIMBY are certainly words you could  use to describe a number of the Ipswich Tory Group.

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