Friday, 9 November 2012

The young get involved - in a positive way.

North East Area Committee – Thursday 8th November, 2012

Last night saw our last Area Committee meeting of 2012, a good turnout of local resident were present. The evening started with our regular presentation on a local issue at 7pm. tonight in my humble opinion was the most relevant presentation so far- Year 12 pupils from Copleston High school gave a short presentation to residents and councillors on what they think of living in our part of Ipswich.

They were both eloquent and passionate – and they were not just moaning or asking for freebies. They came up with good proposals that had been well thought out. Such idea’s included a info bar/empty shop – manned by 6th Formers from all over Ipswich, giving advice on a variety of topics. To help some of our struggling pubs they would like to hold youth nights – no alcohol and a chance for young bands and comedians to perform in a safe environment.

After their presentation the young residents stayed behind to work other residents on our action plan at the end of the meeting.

The main topic of the meeting became the possible funding of improvements to Cherry tree Recreation Ground. Local resident I still attempting to raise extra funds towards the scheme, at a previous Area Meeting it had been agreed that we would put £25,000 towards the project. After a lively debate it seemed the Tory members wanted to spend the money now to purchase the play equipment and then store it till the remaining funds are raised whereas the Labour members thought it best to retain the money till the next meeting so we could then see how much outside money had been collected. The final decision was to look at the matter again in January. Good news was that Cllr Sandy Martin thought the scheme had a good chance of obtaining outside funding from Grant giving bodies such as the local Land Fill Trust.

The local SNT Inspector informed local residents that the local police priorities for the North east would be to deal with any Anti-Social behaviour on the Rushmere estate and the Bull Celestion estate and to monitor and check on speeding throughout the North east of the town with extra consideration to those streets that have become ‘rat runs’.

Though the meeting finished quite late most of the resident’s stayed behind to join the Copleston pupils and councillors to work on the North East Action plan. All the notes were taken away and will be now collated so that we can set out the North East Action plan at our next meeting. Once that is done it will help us focus our expenditure over 2013/14.

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