Sunday, 24 March 2013

My Month ahead - now till May 2nd, 2013

Allegedly we are now in Spring! Which means in Ipswich we start the final push towards another set of elections- this time for the Suffolk County Council.

Now as we approach April, it may even mean you bump into an Ipswich Tory activist, but that may depend on where you live in the town and you might even get to see one of their leaflets - but do not hold your breath if living in Gainsborough or Priory Heath. There might even be a rarer sight on the streets of Ipswich, a Lib Dem activist! But unless your walking on a street within sight of Christchurch Park you are unlikely to see the lesser spotted Lib Dem.

Ipswich Labour have continued to campaign since May last year and our results in Ipswich during the PCC elections indicates that the Ipswich public would rather be represented by a party that works all year round on behalf of the town rather than just appear during the month of April.

So last week we moved from campaigning two days a week to every day of the week- we will also be campaigning in EVERY WARD in the town, there are not any 'no-go' areas for Ipswich Labour.

Normal council work and meetings do continue and campaigning has to be fitted round these plus work- and also some downtime is needed to last through till May.

This week I have two meetings at Sidegate School plus later in the month I am taking a group of teenagers on their Duke of Edinburgh Gold expedition to Mid Wales. So until Mid May, I am suspending my weekly blog post - 'My Week ahead' now the blog post was heavily criticised by one Ipswich tory activist- but guess what? He has now copied the idea and posts his own 'week ahead' post each week.

But as from now till the 2nd May - it will have campaigning down on almost every day - I think you know what I will be doing each day without looking at a post and of course I hope to speak to many of you as I spend most evenings knocking on doors.

I will be working as hard as I can to help Ipswich Labour win every County Council seat in the town (and the wider county) in particular I will be fighting hard in Rushmere Ward to get our superb candidate Sandra Gage elected - a local resident who understand the concerns of her Rushmere neighbours - a skill (understanding residents concerns)that it has become obvious that our the current Tory incumbent Judy Terry does not possess - with the her latest statements about the Rushmere Prefabs yet another example of how out of touch she has become.

So on the 2nd May - Vote Labour - where ever you are in Suffolk but in particular in Rushmere Ward, Vote for Sandra Gage, local resident, community champion and Labour activist.

So on May 2nd - where ever you are in Suffolk- Vote Labour and in Rushmere Vote Sandra Gage - local resident, community champion and Labour activist.

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Anonymous said...

Would be very surprised if Gainsborough doesn't receive any Tory leaflets, given it currently has a Tory county councillor.

If they don't bother leafleting that area, you have to question how committed they are to defending their current councillors. After all surely Carol Debman will want to deliver all the roads in her division - if she knows where they are?