Sunday, 17 March 2013

Save our Post! Save Ipswich Sorting Office

The Ipswich sorting Office is under threat, with a likely plan of moving operations to either Chelmsford or Norwich. This could see the potential loss of 500 jobs and will also mean a much reduced service for Ipswich residents - where will you go to collect parcels? Ipswich residents lose the ability to post a letter as late as 7.30pm. When will our first post now arrive?

Plus we may lose the Ipswich postmark!

Now when campaigning to get elected as our MP, Ben Gummer was all for campaigning to save post offices, collecting signatures and then delivering them to Number 10 (for a photo opportunity) but he seems to have now opted out of this campaign to save our Ipswich Sorting Office - why?

Ipswich Labour has joined the CWU - The Communications Union in distributing 'Save our Post!' leaflets throughout the town - now you can do your bit - sign the petition to save our Sorting Office here

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Anonymous said...

Why on earth do you want to save it - the most pathetic service in the region. Postal costs have gone up and up and after the latest revamp we got our post at 3.45 pm yesterday. Please shut the office get rid of the staff as it can't be any worse if we use Norwich or Chelmsford.