Monday, 25 March 2013

Tory Judy Terry accused of hypocrisy - by another Tory

It seems Rushmere councillor and Tory candidate for this years County Council elections, Judy Terry is not even popular amongst her Ipswich Tory colleagues. I do not normally poach articles or comments from other blogs, but the comment from former Tory Front bench portfolio holder Steven Wells on Ipswich Spy this morning was too brilliant not to re publish. Thank you Spy and Mr Wells for this golden comment:

Steven Wells, on March 25, 2013 at 8:30 am said:

Some good candidates in there. Just such a shame that one of them betrays their own words for just to suit herself and for political expediency.

The one things voters hate Ms Terry is when you say one thing in your manifesto, then argue against it, then when it comes to being elected again start to sing the same tune you did previously. It sums up everything that is wrong with modern politics and you are the perfect example of that!

Try to wriggle out of why your manifesto said effectively in 2006 ‘no to the Northern Fringe’ then you vote for the LDF which condemns it whilst viciously criticising the 6 Whitton and CastleHill Conservative Councillors who refused to cave in, only then to recently be spouting about protecting the Northern Fringe, Agricultural land and that there is no need to build on it.

Summary: If the voters see you for what you have really done – Political doom and Hypocrisy!

I could not have put it better myself!

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