Sunday, 31 March 2013

Tory candidate claims Ipswich Labour have a special printing machine!

After being actually taken by surprise in that the Tories are delivering leaflets beyond Bixley, Rushmere and St Margaret’s – I thought I would take a quick look to see what the Tories are actually saying.

In the South West the Tory candidate (who is still failing to remove inaccuracies from his own blog) is claiming that he helped Ben Gummer in his successful campaign to get Chantry High School (Suffolk New Academy) re-built – funny that when I drove past it today whilst campaigning it looked the same as iit did last year. When researching the claim that Mr Gummer and Algar have been successful in their campaign, all I can find is a claim that it will be re-built in the future, but no start date.

Mr Algar then continues with one of his favourite topics – in that candidate’s should live in the ward, hypocritically in his next post he is promoting Cllr Judy Terry – who does not only live outside the ward she represents but seems hell bent on upsetting Rushmere residents. Mr Algar claims that Judy Terry and her Tory colleagues saved the Suffolk Library service, but forgets to mention that the mobile library service in Ipswich has been decimated. In Rushmere we have lost mobile library rounds in Meadowvale Close, Sidegate Avenue and Sidegate Lane. We also lost the service in Inverness Road – home of the Ipswich prefabs – what has Judy Terry got against our senior citizens who live in the North East of our ward? First of all she wants to build a care home on top of their homes and also feels they do not need a library service. So maybe I should ask Judy Terry why she thinks we do not need a mobile library service serving the prefabs.

As she has not answered my five previous questions, I will post them again and add a question about the mobile library service. I am sure if Judy will not answer the questions her personnel spokesman Kevin Algar will – if he can take a break away from claiming that he influences Labour candidate selection!

Over to you Judy Terry (or Kevin Algar)

1. Why did she say Colin Noble had not visited the prefabs?

2. Why did she make an incorrect statements about the attendance of Tracy Grant without checking the facts?

3. Who are the two developers, did they approach her or did she approach them?

4. Are Care UK involved with the proposed care home?

5. Will the replacement 220 homes be council owned?
And the new one –

6. Why does she think Rushmere residents do not need a library service but Bixley ward still keeps a stop?

Kevin Algar has now added a footnote to his blog posts, a common practice once you are declared as a candidate- but what someone also should have told him is that you are not supposed to print inaccurate statements when you are a candidate - though his claim that Ipswich Labour have a special printer to make our leaflets look cheap - is comedy gold!


Anonymous said...

What I said was "I have been informed that Ipswich Labour have a special machine to make their leaflets look cheap to appeal to their core vote, but I don’t know if the rumour is true or not." That's not a claiming Ipswich Labour do have a special machine, it's claiming that there is a rumour that Ipswich Labour have a special machine.

Alasdair Ross said...

Who passed the rumour onto you? The same person who told you we delivered a leaflet to the prefabs , inviting residents to the Area Committee? - An inaccurate statement that though you have been told is not true you still leave on your blog

Anonymous said...

I edited that blog post about two weeks ago, so your statement is false.

Alasdair Ross said...

So the comment about the leaflet has been removed? Not this morning it was still on

Anonymous said...

Are you saying you didn't leaflet Inverness Road or invite people to the Area Committee?

Alasdair Ross said...

Check the leaflet no mention of arae committee or invite - as I have been saying for last twoo weeks - your posts has a number of serious errors
I would expect you now to remove them and apologise - but not holding my breath

Anonymous said...

My post does not say that the leaflets invited people to the area committee.

Alasdair Ross said...

It implies that the leaflet was the invite . Facts are we did not invite residents to the area committee.
I feel you are being used by Judy Terry

I hope you will now remove your accusations about the invite