Friday, 31 January 2014

Keeping fit with Activ-Lives and then we end up with an extra organ!

On Thursday, I visited Dundee House in Rushmere Ward, Ipswich. It is probably my favourite place to visit in the ward as the residents soon put me in my place. They are not slow in coming forward to tell you what they think! They also talk a lot of sense!

Through the North East Area Committee we had commissioned Activ-Lives to provide fitness and social session for some of our senior residents and we decided to use Dundee House as the ‘hub’ for the fitness activities.

Arthur Jolly, 103 years young and making it look easy!

I managed to get out of most of the fitness session but Sandra Gage was more enthusiastic and joined in, but we were all left in awe of 103 years young, Arthur Jolly who was natural at all the exercises. Not a surprise as Arthur had only just started using a stick at the age of 102!

Whilst at Dundee House, the residents asked if I could find them electric organ to replace theirs, a quick call to Mark Murphy at BBC Radio Suffolk and we were suddenly swamped with 7 organs!

The new organ will arrive on Monday! Dundee House, where the residents are active and musical.

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