Friday, 31 January 2014

Tory run Suffolk County Council and the 'sham' consultation

On Wednesday afternoon I joined a number of Labour councillors at the 'Travel Ipswich' exhibition. I say exhibition, as the Tories were calling it a consultation - but how can it be a consultation when there was no one there to consult with?

I do not expect Officers, staff from 'Travel Ipswich' or County Councillors to be in attendance all day but there should be a set period when they are there.

So is the whole consultation process just a sham? It seems the Ipswich Tories think so as they seem to believe that wishes of Holywells residents will be ignored and the lights on Bishops Hill will be installed. Of course they are not complaining too much as it would not look good, Tory attacking Tory but they just shuffle their feet and moan about rural Tories.

I also believe the whole consultation process is a sham, but it still important that we do not (like the Ipswich Tories) just give up. We must keep the pressure on this badly run Tory County Council.

Sandra Gage, our County Councillor for Rushmere Ward is collating all the opinions on 'Travel Ipswich' that are passed onto us and we will submit them to the County and we keep the pressure on them. I do hope you will still visit the exhibition even if there is no one to consult with and the exhibition looks more like a (poor) effort by some un-interested teenagers! Please fill in the comment card and send it back to the County telling them what you think.

You have to post the card back (freepost) as the County have not even bothered placing a box at the exhibition for you to place your cards in. So as well as the exhibition failing to be a proper consultation it will also cost the County for every card returned.

And someone today told me the County Council were up for an award! Certainly not for 'Consultation' of the Year!

'The Tories call this a consultation!'

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