Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Not all it seems!

I have blogged about how the Tory supporting 'A Riverside View' was not being factually correct when trying to say that the Labour run Ipswich Borough Council were responsible for the plan to turn off street lights in Ipswich from midnight till dawn.

I was not surprised that Kevin was not being factually correct but I am surprised today that the Official Ipswich Tory website seems to be forgetting who is responsible for a number of policies.

Cutting grass- or not cutting it!

The Tories say: Tuesday, 21 June, 2011
The council are proposing not to cut the grass on Clapgate Lane and Nacton Road. We think this will not maintain our community to a decent standard and may leave the streets looking unkempt and untidy.

The truth, this plan was hatched up by the last Tory run administration and the savings to be made are part of the Carnall/Tory budget.

Lights off!

The Tories say: Tuesday, 21 June, 2011
There is fury at the decision to switch off the street lights in parts of the Holywell ward from midnight to 5.30am. We believe that this could be a dangerous decision which could have safety implications for local residents and drivers.

Now what they don't say is that the plan to turn off 94% of the lights in Ipswich is a Tory run Suffolk County council plan and that it was approved by the County Council who included Tory Borough councillors Terry (also a Cabinet member) West, Debman, Harsant, Young and Vickery. They even put out a leaflet in Holywells- but Cllr Debman is their County Cllr, who must have agreed to it!

Then you have a planning issue, now planning should not be political but the Tory website accuses Labour of being political about a planning decision

The Tories say: The council's Planning and Development Committee, which is majority Labour, have unanimously voted for a backland development on Levington Road. The Conservatives are very unhappy at this as many local residents opposed this development and there was a six year protest against it. It is hoped by the Conservatives that there will be no more backlands developments without the full support of local residents.

Now if the decision was unanimously voted for (as the post states) does that mean all the Tory Cllrs also voted for it?

I have a feeling the Ipswich Tories will campaign on a number of issues that when looked at in more detail we will be find to be projects that were thought up by the previous Tory/Lib Dem administration and that money saved by these schemes have already been included in the budget that they left us with!

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