Tuesday, 7 June 2011

'Our War - 10 Years in Afghanistan'

Tonight the BBC will start showing a three part series looking at the life of a British soldier on operations in Afghanistan. The series is on BBC3 but I am sure it will eventually get an airing on BBC1. The significant feature of this series is that most of the footage will come from Helmet cameras that the soldiers carried themselves. I am sure it will be an eye opening experience for anyone watching it - more on it here.

Tonight at 5.20pm, I will be talking on BBC Radio Suffolk about the programme, from the media interest and the trailers on TV, this will be a programme that many will want to watch. The footage includes the incident that leads to a soldier from our local regiment,Private Chris Gray of The Royal Anglians getting fatally shot. We must remember this is not a Hollywood War Film, people get hurt and die. On Thursday, I will be at the Military Funeral of a solder from my own Regiment. How many more will die in Helmand? Is their an end plan?
The title is also misleading, it is not 'Our War'. The pain and fear we felt was also felt by those we left at home, there cannot be many people in the UK who do not know someone who is either serving or has served in Afghanistan - it is 'All Our War'

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