Saturday, 18 June 2011

Time to scare those crows!

Today I joined Cllr Judy Terry at the Colchester Road allotment site, we had two roles to undertake. First we had to judge the scarecrow competition and then after that officially open the new toilet block.

One of the winning Scarecrows - taking it easy!

Myself and Cllr Smith had gained a grant from the North East Forum for the toilet block and Judy Terry also added a contribution from her locality budget.

It was a great day, and we only got hit by one shower, the scarecrows all made us smile, we even found a tardis and then we had to taste the fantastic cakes! I was joined by youngest (Labour member) daughter and we managed to eat two cakes, a burger, some cherries and nearly win the raffle!

We were even given the opportunity to plant a tree by the new toilet block.

They have a fantastic community feel at the allotment site, my daughter now wants one!

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