Saturday, 11 June 2011

Please switch the lights off!

Yet again the Tory supporting blog 'A Riverside View' has got his facts wrong, as usual he takes half a story from his mate at 'Bridge Ward News' then adds some of his own made up facts.

Today we have these gems:

Another area where Ipswich Labour are taking from us is their plan to switch off or dim street lights. Street lights are used by everybody but they don’t employ anybody so they are a service Labour are willing to cut. If the crime rate goes up as a result they would then probably blame it on coalition cuts. They would probably believe this being so blinded by their sanctimonious views.

There’s people wanting to get away from the towns image of being a sleepy little market town advertising it as a vibrant city, while Ipswich Labour are planning on switching the lights off. How many cities have the street lights switched off?

Now it is true that there is a plan to dim some lights and even turn some off after midnight, but this is Suffolk County Council plan - forgot to say- Tory run Suffolk County Council! Ipswich Borough Council acts as a contractor for the county, and I have asked what is the procedure for the public to make a complaint if they think a street should stay lit up- the answer? The Tory county have not yet come up with a procedure. I then stated it is a pity as most residents will see our vehicles and employees working on the lights and we will then be the residents first port of call if they do have a complaint.
I have seen a map of the streets that will see lights turned off and I think the plan will work and that most people will see it as a good idea. All main roads will stay lit, the main transit routes that pedestrians use on their way home at night will also remain lit up, if residents are unhappy with their road being unlit, I will take the matter up for them with the County Council. So yet again a Tory blog has got his facts wrong, funny thing he had the cheek to call Labour liars in the post!

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