Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Same old Judy Terry, same old Tory County Council, same old NSD

So Mark Bee the new Leader of the Tories on Suffolk County Council declared 'New Strategic Direction' as dead.

The name maybe dead but the rest of NSD lives on, here is a quote from the non aligned Suffolk blog- Wordblog:

'One concern among campaigners is that Judy Terry, the cabinet member responsible for libraries sometimes gives the impression that she wants to get through a policy as close as it can be to the old New Strategic Direction idea.

It seems that we are still no closer to getting an answer to what exactly is going to happen to our libraries than we were when Mark Bee took power, it also seems to me that even though Mark Bee has stated that the new administration (but same leaders) will start to listen to the public, they are not - it is all a sham, even after the Tory chair of scrutiny remarked that: “We [the council] have got ourselves in a hole. Will you help us get out of it?”

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