Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Sidegate Primary School- A true 21st century school

I am fortunate to be Governor at Sidegate Primary school in Ipswich, it really is a school that is looking to the future with a dynamic teaching staff.

The Labour Government has made an improvement in education one of it's key policies and many of Labour's initiatives can be seen bearing fruit at Sidegate School - The last two years has seen almost constant building programme as we have seen an improvement to the school buildings and classrooms.

The latest project will see a new complex open for Cabin Crew and Little Acorns, both operate from the Sidegate School site, both organisations have raised funds to help with the building of the new pavilion, but most of the money comes from a grant from the County Council- through a Government led policy, Sidegate is now one of the best examples of the Labour Governments extended School's Initiative.

Sidegate has also re-launched it's website, and I have even managed to get my picture on it here!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Will we ever be a Greater Ipswich?

Many of us have been in shock over the last few days as we come to terms with the Government decision not to give Ipswich Unitary status- we may have had a stronger case if the Tories could have got their fellow party members on Suffolk County Council to support the bid.

We may see a Unitary council, but not in 2008 as we hoped for- I actually believe the Government is right in stating Ipswich as a Unitary Authority needs to be larger, I believe it should be all those who live inside the A12. Ipswich in the 21st century is the urban mass surrounded by the A14/A12 box - including Kesgrave, Martlesham Heath, Rushmere and Pinewood.
That does not at first sound good for us in the Labour Party- many would think the inclusion of places like Kesgrave would make it harder for Ipswich to return to the fold of Labour run authorities, but I think we should just take it a challenge, and let us get into places like Kesgrave and Pinewood, because they have the same priorities and concerns as Ipswich residents do.
But whilst we wait for the Boundary Committee to decide on a Greater Ipswich, it is the children of Ipswich who will suffer the most as the school children of Ipswich are seen as the poor relations by the Tories who run Suffolk County Council.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Empty houses- why build flats when you have empty houses to fill?

Alasdair outside 68 Rushmere Road, Ipswich

Still on the subject of my last post- the Tories seem hell bent on putting as many flats up on brownfield sites in Ipswich- just to protect certain parts of the town where they never wish to see any building.

I have heard that there is a plan to build houses on the Bisto's site on Woodbridge Road - if so that is good news, as we feared more flats. We will keep you informed.

But why build flats when close to our Rushmere Ward we have two empty houses that would make great family homes. Not only that, whilst they lay empty they are a magnet to vandals and louts.

We have the large house on Colchester Road (next to the Shell garage) and the old sweet shop at 68 Rushmere Road. The house next to the garage was raided by the police last year as it was being used as a drugs den. No such trouble at 68 Rushmere Road but it is very unsafe and a hazard to neighbours. The back garden fence is almost falling down and it just looks an eyesore.

I have been asking Ipswich Borough Council through my Labour colleagues to deal with this building as a matter of urgency and still nothing has been done. Do not worry, I will not give up and I hope to be able to bring you good news on 68 Rushmere road in the next few months.