Tuesday, 28 June 2022

How much longer can this man embarrass our town?

Ipswich Labour are currently in the process of selecting their candidate to fight the next General election in Ipswich, the short list contains 3 strong candidates- all with a strong link with the town and all proven campaigners. Alex Mayer, Elizabeth Hughes and Jack Abbott.

I am supporting Jack, however I know all three would make great MP's for this town - and that is what we need now. Never before has this great town had such an embarrassing Member of Parliament.

Someone who would rather be on GB News ranting about migrants crossing the Channel or on the BBC Politics show embarrassing himself when he seemed confused where exactly Rwanda is rather than dealing with matters that Ipswich residents are concerned about.

Even when Mr Hunt does decide to talk about Ipswich issues he often quickly seems to wish to blame certain communities, to cause division instead of building bridges.

Yesterday he decided to join two East Midlands Tory MP's for a stupid photo stunt - one that has backfired, I think that he chooses to spend time with Lee Anderson, a person who was suspended by the Labour Party, tells you all you need to know about Tom Hunt.

Once we have selected our Labour candidate, we can then get out on the doorstep to pass on our positive message to Ipswich residents - and start the process of getting rid of this embarrassing MP 

This is what Ipswich needs > 

Not this >

Then again , other versions may make you smile, but unfortunately still embarrassing to think he is our MP.