Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Save our Sidegate School Road Crossing Patrol

Today, I joined parents, grandparents , residents and more importantly children outside Sidegate Primary School in Ipswich. We were there to start our campaign to tell the Tory run Suffolk County Council that they are making a mistake in not replacing our Road Crossing Patrol when our current lollipop lady stops at half term.

One of the reasons our current lady is giving up is because the road is so dangerous. Over 170 people signed our petition in just the first 15 minutes.

Tory run Suffolk County Council and 200 grand a year Andrea Hill, you have got a fight on. We will not let our children's safety be put at risk for the sake of just £2,000!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

People of Suffolk - wake up and smell the roses

For those who think the Tories will only make cuts where they really need to, you need to read the comments from a leading Suffolk Tory- Colin Noble, Tory Portfolio Holder for adult and community services has told the EADT that the cuts will be big - his own words are:

“But when people say you are only doing this to save money, they need to wake up and smell the roses. The cuts are coming and they will be big.”

His leader Pembroke said he did not have a clue what cuts are going to be made (said just before he jetted off on holiday)

Well we know one cut - no Road Crossing patrol person outside Sidegate School, well that's 2 grand saved (oh and the few extra quid George Osborne is going to save by buying his own Christmas Tree for Number 11)

Cuts before children's safety - never saw that on a Ben Gummer leaflet!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Childrens safety- cut it!

Just a short note but a full blog post to follow later in the week - just heard that the Tories are not going to replace our Road Crossing Patrol at Sidegate School in November. It looks like when a Crossing patrol man or lady leaves they will not be replaced, no risk assessment to see how dangerous the road is, just cut, cut, cut.
Sidegate Lane is one of the busiest roads in Ipswich,Sidegate is the biggest Primary School in the town, this will just make it more dangerous for pupils and their parents plus snarl the town up with traffic even more.
Children from at least 6 school's (plus at least 3 playschools) use this crossing. How stupid can the Tories get?
Judy Terry out Tory Councilor in the ward is on the County Cabinet who are planning these cuts, so don't let her try and blame others.
Over the next week I will be trying to get as much support from parents as possible and then I will be writing to the County Council.
Please support where you can, in the end we will have no Road Crossing Patrols in Suffolk.
The wages of all the Crossing Patrols in Suffolk will still be less than the Tories pay Andrea Hill, their County Chief Executive!