Friday 8 September 2017

Hard work pays off

Thursday 7 September 2017

St John's division by-election - Sarah Adams wins. Votes cast: Labour - 1247; Tory - 483; Lib Dem - 200; Green - 52

A great result, a superb candidate in a ward that knows it's Labour team have always worked hard for them.

The campaign was a great success, The Tories did work hard and even the Lib Dems made an appearance - first time they have been seen in the ward for over 10 years!

The campaign started with a letter from our new MP (and the old St John's Cllr) Sandy Martin and culminated with over 50 activists campaign in the ward yesterday, including, St John's resident, Sandy Martin.

It is not only St John's that will benefit with Sarah being elected, Labour now have another strong campaigner on the County Council, and someone who is much needed as the Tory run county continue to ignore issues in the County town.