Sunday 25 April 2010

Kunnan Terrace - do you know the story behind the name?

Whilst out in Ipswich canvassing this morning, I found myself in Suffolk Road. It bought back many happy memories as both my late mother, my sister and a good friend had all lived in this street. I knew the corner shop had been turned into a flat a few years ago but whilst passing today, I noticed a brick plaque built into the flat wall.

Kunnan Terrace 1947 - 1991, at first I thought it may of been when the shop was there but then remembered it had still been open in this new century.
So what does the plaque mean?
Now I did go to the school with the owner of the shop, one of the Ipswich Singh family, so have a feeling it may be to honour his father the first Singh to own the shop. Is that the true story behind the plaque? If you know different let me know.

Monday 19 April 2010

Bowled over.

One bonus from campaigning all over the town is that you come across streets and sights that you do not normally see whilst on your normal journeys across the town.
Tonight whilst campaigning in East Ipswich, I found myself in Marlborough Road, Ipswich. There are not many roads left in the town that I have not either delivered to or knocked on doors in but this was one of them. And down the end of the road I came across the Marlborough Bowling Club.

Ipswich is/was (not sure which one) a bowling hot spot and there are a number of Lawn Bowls clubs in the town, but most seem to be hidden behind residential streets, Newton Road, Roundwood Bowls Club and the Marlborough are just three examples. Here I have included two photographs of the Marlborough Club.
Maybe I should do a weekly visit to the bowls clubs of Ipswich!

Sunday 18 April 2010

Out knocking on doors in Westgate, Ipswich

This must be one of the nicest public gardens on any Council Estate in Ipswich, what a lovely place to sit in the Summer.
No time for us to sit this morning as Mary Blake and a team of Labour members were knocking on doors in St George's Street

Tuesday 13 April 2010

Why doesn't Ben Gummer talk about MP expenses?

David Cameron was quick to attack the 3 former Labour MP's who are attempting to claim Legal aid to fight the corruption charges against themselves. Locally Tory activist Jamie Spencer seems to have a weekly rant about Chris Mole and his use of expenses to pay for an office in Ipswich but Ben Gummer would rather talk about legalisation of drugs and job prospects for graduates. Many would wonder why Ben is not following the Cameron trick of blaming Labour for every expense scandal. Now it may be because, Chris Mole was found to be one of the few MP's who did not have to pay anything back to the government and has also led the way by publishing all his expenses on his own website. But many may believe that the silence from Ben on the subject is more likely to do with his father and his exorbitant claims he made on his Suffolk property, claims for Mole removal, removing Jackdaw nests and various other garden tasks, many that never saw a proper receipt. The release of those Gummer expenses by a Tory paper ( you can read here) may have been the reason that John Gummer stood down, because I am sure if it had been a more planned decision to retire from front bench politics we would have seen Ben standing in Felixstowe not Ipswich. So I look forward to Ben and maybe even Bridge News talking about the MP expenses scandal that seemed to pass Ipswich by but did see a sudden departure from politics by the Suffolk Coastal MP - over to you Ben and Jamie!

Sunday 4 April 2010

Same old Ipswich Tories - don't be fooled

The Ipswich Tories have been trying to portray a new "nice" side in Ipswich this weekend, but don't be fooled. Picking up a few bags of litter in Queens way can not cover up what they rteally intend to do to this town. The picture above is the true image of Ipswich Tories. Just days before they were out picking up litter they closed the Ipswich Area Housing Offices, so they think picking up litter will help improve the look of East Ipswich, maybe they also think boarding up the All Hallows area office also helps improve the town?

A vote for Labour in the local election on 6 May is a vote for sanity in the delivery of local services.