Saturday 14 December 2019

Let us see if the Tory promises were lies - over to you Mr Hunt

Date - 14 December 2019 - will be updated each year - if I remember - just to see ( as we think) that Boris and Hunt lied about what they are going to deliver:

As at 14 December 2019

Number of new hospitals - 0 - Promise 40

Police - 0 - Promise 20,000

Nurses - 0 Promises 50,000

And, yes I know the 20,000 police will not even replace the 21,000 cut or that the Tories were already saying the 50,000 nurses includes some who are already nurses and they may have left so we will pretend that they changed their minds and are staying.

And for Mr Hunt alone -

Northern Ipswich by-pass

£1 Million for Ipswich Town centre - this year?

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Vote for Sandy Martin

I can't hide the fact that I have at times over the last 4 years been disappointed by the Labour leadership, I am not sure we are doing enough for the people we wish to represent however I have no hesitation in voting for Labour on Thursday when you see the only alternative is Johnson.

In Ipswich the decision is even easier, Sandy Martin is one of the hardest working politicians you can find and unlike many MPs he can still be found out on the streets of Ipswich campaigning every Saturday morning, plus he is even now an Ipswich Town season ticket holder, a real one, money paid, seat used unlike past Tory MPs who pretended they were great Town fans.

So I urge you all, where ever you live ensure you use your vote to keep Johnson out and in Ipswich that vote has to be for Sandy Martin - a great MP and a great friend.