Sunday, 30 September 2007

BNP in Ipswich- not needed, not wanted.

Saturday morning was spent in Roundwood Road with local activists and our Labour MP- Chris Mole. The rain kept off and we managed to speak to a number of residents, and hopefully help sort out a number of issues that the residents mentioned, these included speeding and parking. Roundwood Road is used as an access point to Sidegate Primary, so traffic and parking is a concern to residents and also to the many parents who use this entrance.
Sue Thomas our Labour County councilor has used her locality budget to have school signs and "slow" markings placed on the road. this week we managed to get a barrier placed at the end of the path to the school, this should stop any children running straight out into the road.
This is what local politics is all about- not what happened later in Rushmere ward, last night in Whitby Road and today in my own road we have found BNP leaflets pushed through our door. No local content but just an A5 leaflet full of lies. You can see how these lies play on peoples concerns and worries.
In the 70's there was little sign of the National Front in Ipswich and this is the first time I have seen a BNP leaflet in Rushmere. But it is a worry that BNP leaflets were also seen in the west of the town earlier in the month.
There is no place in Ipswich for the fascist BNP, it is up to all of the three main political parties to combat the threat of the Far Right.
I hope any Rushmere residents have put the leaflet where it belongs- the blue bin!

Friday, 21 September 2007

Yet another old campaign picture!

This week it is back again to the early 70's and my mum (Annie Ross)campaigning with the Ipswich MP - Ken Weetch- looks like it is in Gatacre Road, off Bramford Road- not sure who the others are- maybe the press!

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Campaigning- 2007 style -and a look back to how we did it in 1974!

Saturday was spent in my own Rushmere ward in Ipswich, out knocking on doors in Leopold and Westbury Road. A good positive response from most of the residents with a number of issues given to me that I will follow up over the next few days.

Good to have Chris Mole our MP, out with us and even more heartening to have a new young member out for his first taste of campaigning on the doorstep.

It did remind me of my early campaign days and recently whist researching my family tree, I came across this picture of myself (far left-age 12) campaigning in Carr Street Ipswich with my mum (4th from left) and the local Ipswich MP- Ken Weetch.

Have found a number of photographs from campaign in the early 70's and I will publish them over the next few weeks.