Monday 17 October 2022

Do they live in the real world?

We now have a Prime Minister, who has had to sack her Chancellor after just a few weeks in power,  and then appoint a new Chancellor - who has scrapped nearly all her economic plans within 72 hours.

Most of the plans he has scrapped are the same plans she won the Tory leadership election on! Must wonder why she is still sitting in Number 10.

It would be funny if it was not the fact that her disastrous plans have meant millions will now be playing more for their mortgages, household bills and basic foods.

So what do the local Ipswich Tories think?

Nadia Cenci, has gone from supporting Truss to saying she must go , another leading Tory just seems bothered that she may now lose her seat and Tom Hunt continues to tweet and post about anything other than the economy.

Maybe no surprise to go into hiding when their party is in such trouble, but then today they post an amazing review of their recent conference on their own website - you do wonder who pressed the publish button - we know they have issues with the use of social media with one councilor expelled and another suspended for some of their previous posts.

Their latest post may not be racist, or supporting Putin but it does make you wonder what parallel universe the local Tories live in, they now need to come out of hiding and start talking to residents, they may then start to understand the concerns of may of our constituents.

Here is a sample of what their latest post states:

"As Liz Truss so well demonstrated in her closing speech"  

"That is the overwhelmingly positive message emanating from the entire conference."

When talking about two national journalists - "Their attempts to talk down the Prime Minister’s speech failed so spectacularly by the supportive and positive crowd around them, meant that they were unable to talk above the cheering and applause and therefore those particular scenes from their intended slamming commentary could not be used. They in turn omitted to mention the exceptionally long standing ovation the PM got at the start of the speech, let alone throughout and at the end."

"It’s time for growth and we do that by cutting taxes for everyone."

"We finally have a Prime Minister and Chancellor whose laser focused aim is on destroying the anti-growth coalition"

Remember this was posted after Kwasi was sacked and just hours before Hunt tore up the whole Liz Truss economic plan!!

We are now all going to suffer thanks to a 32 days Far Right Tory economic experiment!

Time for a Labour Government and this local Tory posts, also indicates that the local Tories do not understand (or care about?) the issues that are worrying our Ipswich residents.