Monday, 5 March 2007

10 months since we saw a Lib Dem in Rushmere.

Now it is getting closer to the local elections it should not be long till we see those yellow newsletters arriving through our letterbox. 10 months since we saw the last Lib Dem leaflet in Rushmere. Not that we need a leaflet to know what they are going to say! (Or not say)

How they have saved culture in Ipswich
How they have saved the market (that is the market that now seems to be dying on it's feet)
How they are going to find somewhere for the Age Concern tea room
They will also boast that how with their Tory allies they have kept Council Tax below 5%

What they won't say is:
How Council Tax will be below 5% because they are going to raise the rent for the bus depot, which will mean a reduction in our excellent bus service
they won't explain why it has taken them two years to find a new place for the Age Concern tea room (and probably another two years before it is open- oh and they will fail to mention how they will have to share with about ten other community groups)
they wont explain that the market may seem to take more space up, but there are actually less stalls.

But what there leaflet will say is how they are campaigning for the people of Rushmere! In Lib Dem speak that means they are campaigning for six weeks and then won't be seen till March 2008.

316 days since last Lib Dem leaflet....and counting!


Anonymous said...

Sums up the Liberals in Ipswich- as long as they have a bit of power they will go along with anything the tories say - so much for being "the party with green principles"
Vote them out!!

Anonymous said...

You know me better than to enter party politics. But if the council tax rise had to be kept to below 5% - and you know as well as I do it's your government that says so - action had to be taken to either increase revenue or cut spending.

Keep the blogs going - they make excellent reading.