Monday, 12 March 2007

Bring back Alastair Campbell

Just finished reading a superb book- 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' by Paul Torday. Quite topical as you have a Labour Government looking to find good news stories in the Middle East as Iraq drags on and you even have al-Qaeda involved. I won't ruin anymore of the story only to say the character you grow to hate is the prime Ministers Director of Communications, from Campbell to the latest 'Cash for honours' incumbent the spin doctor had become a figure that the general public seem to detest. The one in the book - Peter Maxwell even comes over a bit like the character in Little Britain who is the PM's personnel errand boy.

But to be honest, I wish we had Alastair Campbell back- I am not sure we would have got into this 'beers for peers' or was it 'cash for honours' - what ever- Campbell maybe could have stopped it in it';s tracks. Not sure if he would have helped in a smooth transition from Blair to Brown but I am sure we all hope he is with us on election day- helping with what he is good at- communication!
Even if he is a Burnley fan.

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