Friday, 2 March 2007

Bus campaign and the Lib Dems (a joke!)

Our Ipswich agent has now joined the Labour blog gang (look at the link on this page) and I must steal his joke about the Lib Dems.
The 'Save our bus campaign', has got quite nasty and Phil Smart one of our councillors and also Chairman of Ipswich Buses has taken most of the flak. But Phil has still kept his sense of humour and here is his joke:

Q. Why are the new buses on service 13 like the Liberal Democrats?
A. Because they change colour from green to blue as they go along.
The picture is of our Ipswich MP, Chris Mole as he boards a new Number 13 bus.
(note the 'Not in service')

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Anonymous said...

It just shows that in Ipswich, the Lib Dems are just people who will agree with anyone just to get a chance of power- and in most cases they have either left the Labour or Tory party to join the Liberals- and not on some point of principle but often due toa personel grudge!