Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Rushmere Tories out of hibernation

The Ipswich Conservative website last flickered into life to welcome us into 2007. in some wards it seems the last newsletter went out in 2005 and Ward Surgeries- well you can't expect them to run the town and meet residents- they have a 50M Olympic Pool to build
Well it must be near the election as a Tory leaflet has been seen in Rushmere- and shock, horror they take the credit for everything! The play area in Shetland Close- to be opened soon- I wonder if they will invite our Labour County Councillor- they forgot last time, when they opened the Dumbarton Rec play area- and Sue Thomas (our County Councilor) even put some of her money towards it.
The leaflet also tells us that they (the Ipswich Tories - gave Senior Citizens - free bus fares- and there I was thinking it was Gordon Brown).
Funny no mention of the proposed bus cuts (including possibly Route 22, which runs through Rushmere) no mention of the local Tory voting against the Zebra Crossing for Rushmere Road.

Well as it is only the second leaflet since the last election, we can't complain- they probably found it hard to find many "good news stories" to print.
To be honest, I am glad they have put something out- it has made me more determined to try and beat them and to expose the real (greedy) face of the Tory party, which is still the party of Thatcher, Howard and the rest- what ever Cameron and his new green tree logo would want us to think.


Anonymous said...

Does Labour have any great news then, we seem to have bad news after bad news, although I do not live in your area I have been a Labour supporter for well over 30 years never voting for anyone else, until now.

Blair has taken Labour to new depths of despair, using the Tories to win a vote on Trident, never in my life would I believe this would happen. A 17p rise in poverty pay while the council tax goes up and up, and now millions spent of getting a group of Labour goons to tell us picking up your bins once a fortnight doe not cause problems believe me it does, rats dogs and maggots are nothing.

I ask what has Labour done for me right now I can honestly say nothing, what has it done for the rich well made them richer the poor poorer and Blair is still mouthing off about how right he was to go to war.

Dream on.

I forgot being a football coach who goes around coaching poverty kids especially those in schools like special Education needs and those who live on council estates which has problems, this week I have been told by £30 a month funding for buying footballs has been cut to zero, because the money is needed for those very expensive games. Shudder to think Labour would help the disabled and sick and the poor. I mean £30 a month I had to pay for hire of hall, buy equipment and put petrol in my car, now I have nothing so the kids will get nothing.

Well done Labour.

Anonymous said...

Blair's objective is not to win the general elections but to become President of the EU; more prestigious position and less hassle than run his own country. However, you are doing a great job and lets hope that the conservative party will never get in power again!